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Course Readings: Other documents

Two to five articles from the NCTM on-line magazine Dialogues, as chosen by individual students.
The Elementary and Secondary Education Act as reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, $ <$$ >$
Integrating Mathematics And Pedagogy (IMAP) Video case materials for K-12 teacher development.
UMAP Journal - curriculum development materials for undergraduate mathematics majors (including prospective secondary mathematics teachers).
Cohen, A., & Krantz, S. (2001). Two reactions to The Mathematical Education of Teachers, The Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 985-991.
Flores, A. (1993). Pythagoras meets Van Hiele. School Science and Mathematics, 93, 152-57
Romagnano, L. (2001). Implementing the assessment standards: The myth of objectivity in mathematics assessment. Mathematics Teacher, 94, 31-38.
Thomas, Mulligan and Goldin, G.(2002). Childrens' representation and structural development of the counting sequence 1-100. Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 21, 117-133.

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